It all starts with a talk over tea or water. It’s essential to check in, create a dialogue and set some intention, shake off the day and to be present in our body’s before moving into our session

Virtual Date

Offering $60/30min /$100/1Hr
I have a busy personal and professional life outside of this which limits the time I can invest in virtual communication. Those of you who are looking for that

Weekly and monthly packages available.

An email will need to be sent at the time of confirmation, before I set aside that time for you.

Fullbody Sensual X CHANGE

Offering  $240.1Hr /300.1.5 Hr /420/2

You will find yourself genuinely loved in my open heart presence.

Sacred  touch with pure divine love has the powerful potential to completely

transform the way you see the world and your place within it.

There is a potential of entering altered states of consciousness, Where you may receive ecstatic visions and transmissions.


Offering of Support $100/1.5/ $150/2
I love to cuddle. I love to share full body cuddle puddles.

We are fully clothed and we can fall open heartedly into Authentic affectionate space to squeeze

and hold and hugs cradle and laugh, share your emotions and empty your mind.

Virtual Date DM or Text Messages Phone calls

*No Skype or video chat*
Please contact me via email at to arrange our virtual date and do not forget to include your preferred day, time and desired length.

Life Coaching,Soul Journey Within

Offering $ 2 or 2.5 hours $350/$425/4 to 5 Hr $1,000

To truly give we must first learn to freely receive.  This is your introduction into tantric practice.  Body, mind, and spirit, engage as you learn the basics of tantric philosophy, the foundation of breath control, meditation, and intuitive touch, guided every step of the way by the loving presence, mesmerizing voice, and gentle hands of your goddess or god.  You will leave refreshed, energized, and quite possibly transformed by your experience. 



Social Date

Social time out and about $100/hour.

I am available for art openings, theater, music concerts, or fine dining.

If you are seeking an uncomplicated engaging empowered forward thinking woman~

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