Do's and Dont's

*Please be on time for your appointment.
This allows for a full, unrushed session.
If you are running late, please call.

* Please be mindful of cancellations, and do so within 24 hours.
Same day appointments require a 3-hour cancellation notice.
If you do not show up for your session or cancel at the last minute,
there will be a $100 cancellation fee added to your next session.
That, plus a $100 deposit will be required in order for you to schedule with me again.

* Understand that I am creating sacred space for our special time together and treat it as you would any other appointment with a doctor, lawyer, or any other therapist.
If you feel you are not dedicated to keeping your appointment with me, please do not book it.

* Watch the time. Don’t wait for me to have to ask you to leave

* Please do not drink, or take drugs before seeing me. Having those toxins in your system can cause blockages to the movement of energy, inflate the ego and create an all around unsafe feeling for me.

*If you want a same day appointment and are not able to fill out the contact form, have screening information readily available before you call.

* Be hygienically clean. There are shower facilities available.

* Please do not begin our relationship by trying to negotiate my time


* Respect boundaries, relax and trust that I am here to take care of you. I do not offer full service. Please do not ask. Your appointment will be terminated if you cross that line.


* Please read my website thoroughly and do not ask legally compromising questions over the phone.
I do not respond to a single line or ambiguous texts.

* Upon arrival,
Please place the donation in plain sight.
Greetings and farewells are reserved for inside; please enter and depart quietly & respectfully.