Experience the charm and passion of a Goddess that is part of the Caribbean heritage.

I Inspire Growth

 After sharing my energy. you will embrace  your days through new eyes,

You will feel transformation thought the passion of intense disarming intimacy.

Imagine having a safe place to express your whole and true erotic self without judgment or diminishment; to be expertly held and guided in your erotic magnificence and evolution. to let go of the need to control, perform or ‘get it right’.

A place where your masculinity is honored in all of its aspects

Imagine steppings into a warm, soft, beautiful environment where your troubles and worries melt away and there is nothing but body, breath, skin, energy and vibration. You begin to breathe fully and slowly. There is no rush. You are both relaxed and switched on.
You can feel the erotic energy that is coming alive in warm tingling waves throughout your whole body.

I am Mishelle Luv

Allow my skilled hands, healing presence, and warm spirit to transport you on a heartfelt, sublime sensual journey.

Friends have described me as a free spirit, genuine curious, passionate  non-judgmental, and an engaging conversationalist.

Some of my interests, Travel, Writing, Cultivating the Art of Love, Tantric Philosophy, Meditation, Studies of Human Consciousness, Health Creating Erotic Art, photography, hiking, politics,
  Reading, cooking, hiking, pursue classes relating to sexuality and healing take frequent vacations to maintain my vitality.

Self-care & personal enrichment is important to me -My time is often spent with family & friends.

 Originally from a Caribbean island but have traveled to many places. I love the calming and refreshing influences of the ocean.

I am full of both humor, depth, richness, & light. the cooling mystery of the ocean and the heat and passion of fire.

Rubenesque Caribbean Goddess

I am in my early 40s, statuesque 5’10~ 40~36~40.  Rubenesque Caribbean Goddess, Sunkissed SKIN almond-shaped eyes & seductive smile.
I hold the lineage of the feminine erotic goddess who dances throughout our human past, present and future.

With my amazing touch and primal energy, My sessions are unrivaled- slow and sensuous from beginning to end.

I believe that humans don’t get enough touch in their daily lives, and I am here to make up for any losses you may be feeling.

My education and development is ongoing. I am open to new things and am a humble student as well as a guide, mind body spirit sensuality is my passion and life’s work. If you need or want to know specifics, I am happy to answer your questions in our initial telephone conversation.


I choose this deliciously clandestine lifestyle out of desire.

I started this later in life and totally enjoy it. I’ve discovered that the life of a Sensual artist is well suited to my personality and natural talents.
 I have a very extensive background in the field of health care but have chosen to pursue an alternative approach to integrate sensuality, with mind, body and soul connection. I have also had the pleasure of expanding my education through shared knowledge of the many amazing mentors I’ve been blessed to encounter on my journey. These mentors have helped me enhance my gifts and level of self-awareness.