Nothing but pure sensuality I am at a loss for words in describing the time I just spent with Mishelle. The session was unlike any I had experience before. She provides nothing but layers and layers of pleasure.This guy will sleep well tonight


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face Rereading your reviews it is apparent that you have this effect on a lot of people that you share time with, are you it’s not voodoo You are dangerous to me as I truly had a wonderful time and found you very intriguing. I realize that you have your life and thank you for sharing a small part of it with me. Until we meet again, JJ

07/20/ 2017

It was an exquisite pleasure finally getting a chance to meet Mishelle. What a wonderful young lady and gracious host. Her island warmth and charm are enchanting.


My time with Mishelle was extraordinary! From the start to end it was a magical journey. She is a great sensual and spirited woman. Enjoyed our convo after the session. Look forward to seeing you very soon


Mishelle re-defines the acronym FBST. She is lovely, caring, and strives to get a connection with her clients. I went to see her with no expectations other than knowing she has stellar reviews. I chose to put myself in her hands and see what developed. She was nothing short of amazing, surprising me often and provided a top shelf session. If you can see her, consider yourself truly blessed!



I have a new favorite beautiful woman and super sexy and sweet as pie. I HAD a incredible great session with goddness she give an amazing fbs mean great. She is best if you had not had the chance to meet Mishelle luv you really don’t know what your missing. She is 10 stars!!!! THE best experience.



Mishelle,You’ve opened up my mind and showed me what it was like to truly trust somebody. To feel safe and never judged. A place where I wasn’t made to feel ashamed for my desires, but loved for them. A woman who I could love and laugh with. What a wonderful gift to give another person. Having known you, my life will be forever changed.I wish you all the happiness and joy this world has to offer.

B Andrade

Sunday May 14, 2017

This is the second time I visited Mishelle and I’d to ask myself, why did I wait so long? I recall having a very sensual experience the first time, the second time was beyond words for me.