Sexual Healing.

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  • Post published:November 14, 2020

Sexual Healing There is a way of making love that is deeply healing. It has a breath, a deep, gentle breath. It’s in the element of presence. It’s in the intention of intimacy, of love. It begins with a heart, an open heart that connects to another. It’s bodies that come together in union as an expression of the sacred within. It’s movement is slow, so slow. So slow that at times there is no movement, just stillness. Absolute stillness. And presence in this.Beingness.There is opening, there is release. The space is expansive on a way that’s beyond the body.The sensation, the sensation. There are waves, there are spirals, there are points of intensity that makes words inadequate. There are times of tears. There are times of shaking that feel as if the earth itself is trembling. There is tenderness. There is belonging. There is release, deep release. Release of the body, release of the mind, release of the heart. There is softening, welcoming. There are moments when we are beyond our bodies, simply energy. There is liquid heat that melts resistance. There is a quiet in the moments between breaths, a quiet that knows, a quiet so deep that the soul can be heard. There is a timelessness. There is gratitude.


My heartfelt intention is to love, nurture, heal, and activate you through presence, sound and touch..