Consent is sexy.

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  • Post published:March 29, 2023

Consent is sexy… Consent should be mutually agreed upon with a clear understanding of what is being asked for and consented to. If you want to move to the next level of sexual intimacy – ask first. Touching someone’s breasts, genitals or buttocks without their consent is sexual assault. So is making someone touch you. Any form of sexual activity with another person without their consent is sexual assault. Consent should be freely given: it should never be coerced, be forced, involves pressure, intimidation or threats. Consent must never be assumed or implied, even if you’re in a relationship. Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you always have consent to have sex with your partner. Intimate partner rape, date rape, and acquaintance rape are the most common forms of rape. It’s always OK to say No. Consent may be withdrawn at any time, and when it is withdrawn all sexual activity must stop immediately. If you do not ask for Consent, you are at risk of doing something the other person doesn’t want you to do. You are also at risk of breaking the law and facing criminal charges. What isn’t consent? Silence, or not responding – is not consent. The absence of a No does not mean Yes …

Someone who is intoxicated from alcohol or drugs, voluntarily and involuntarily, or who is unconscious or asleep, unaware, or otherwise helpless, is not capable of giving Consent. Someone may be responsible for being drunk, or high, but they are not responsible for being sexually assaulted.

A sexy dress is not consent.
Someone may dress or behave in a sexy or provocative way – but dress or behavior should not be confused with Consent. Dress or behavior is not a legal argument for sexually assault. Consent is talking about sex – real, confident, open communication. The practice of consent will naturally create a more caring, more responsive, respectful interaction.


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