CuddleLuv Therapeutic Cuddling

Are you lonely or suffer from depression, anxiety, or PTSD?
Need a safe space to talk things out and be heard?
Are you starving for physical contact and intimacy?

Self-quarantine as a single person or a person who lives far from their significant other can be pretty lonely, especially while other folks spend their work-from-home hours snuggled up with the person they love.
Before you give up on getting your basic touch needs met, consider hiring a professional cuddlist!

Cuddle Couple' Sticker | Spreadshirt

CuddleLuV is a therapeutic created to provide a safe environment where humans can satisfy their need for touch and affection in a healthy non-sexual way.


Washing hands before any contact. We cancel any appointments if either you or the cuddliest feels unusually tired or have symptoms of cold/flu, shortness of breath, or sore throat. We wear can both wear a mask if you feel more comfortable..